There are two ways to purchase coffee. The first is by buying “spot”. Spot simply means what is currently residing in our warehouses. The second way to purchase is buying “forward”. Buying “forward” is an excellent idea to guarantee your coffee supply. We’d prefer to discuss what the best purchase options are for you, so give us a call. Ever since the early 90’s we’ve been selling individual bags and can accommodate any purchace needs from 1 bag to multiple containers forward.

In order to be granted terms we would first need to establish a business history with you (3 individual orders). After a successful 3rd order we would then need a Credit Application to begin moving forward in establishing terms. Once a credit application is processed we use our findings along with our own discretion to grant. Since we are a fully owned family business the chances you are speaking to an actual decision maker is guaranteed.

Ship It

We can quite literally ship coffee any where in the world. With the 30 or so years in the coffee industry we’ve learned more about freight than we care to know. Yet because of our ability to apply our freight knowledge we are able to accommodate any and all requests. Logistics can be a large burden and we choose a long time ago to pass along the savings we get on freight directly to our customer’s purchase. And after all you should be cupping coffee instead of chasing rates.

Here’s a few things you should know about shipping coffee:

  • We warehouse in 3 locations, Kansas City, Houston, and NY
  • Local pickups are always welcomed and encouraged. We do ask for a 2 hour window to ensure the warehouse is ready.
  • In most cases we can ship coffee out of KC if the order is received before 1pm. In Houston and NY all orders are shipped next day after the order is received.
  • If there is ever a problem with your shipment it is imperative that it is noted on the bill of lading before you sign and hand it over to the driver. Then please call us and allow us to follow up and file a claim with the freight company.